(Charter Founders)

Seated: Gertrude Guilford*, Arcelean Hampton, Winifred Johnson, Dr. Ruth Thomas, Ethel Love and Esterine Paige.

Standing: Carolyn Patton, Lucile Ruff, Lillian Jackson, Evelyn Staton, Mary E. Lovett Belton.


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1 9 6 0  -  1 9 8 0

Epsilon Mu Omega witnessed a continuation of being "of service to mankind" during the 1960-80 years.  Contributions in the community included the School Milk Fund, which paid for milk for children of unemployed families; Well Baby Clinics; NAACP (life membership); Negro College Fund, YWCA; and Woodside Receiving Hospital.  May of 1962 was the date when the chapter made a political statement when they presented the "Women of the Year Awards" at the Young Women's Christian Association. 

The highlight of this period occurred when the chapter celebrated its 25th anniversary on May 11, 1974 at Powers Auditorium with Soror Eva Evans, Great Lakes Regional Director as the keynote speaker. 

The annual Pink and Green Snowflake Ball, which became the Snowflake Ball, continues to be an exciting fund raiser where sorors and guests have an opportunity to fellowship and have a good time while generating funds for the scholarship outreach funds. 

February 1980, sorority members Alnita Bryant and Mary Lois Smith presented the sorority's national publication, "The Heritage Series" to Curriculum Director Richard Sheeley of the Youngstown City Schools so that copies could be placed in each of the city schools.  The "Heritage Series" features outstanding African American women in the areas of politics, business, medicine, dentistry and the judiciary.